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Traditional Thai body massage


This Thai body massage is fundamentally different from classic European massage. During this type of massage, oil is not applied. You will be provided with special massage clothing and the treatment is taking place on a coconut mat.

The massage focuses on the acupuncture points, instead of the muscles, by applying pressures on specific points of the body. The treatment has a special choreography throughout the body, from toes to the top of the head. The masseuses not only use their palms, but also their elbows, knees and feet. Our qualified masseuses known these pressure points very well, thus they know how to relieve stress, fatigue and muscle sore without speaking during the treatment.


Traditional Thai foot massage

Speciális olajok és krémek használatával történik. A talptól fölfelé haladva a vádlin keresztül az akupunktúrás pontok nyomásával jutnak el a térdig. A masszőrhölgyek a kezükön kívül speciális kis nyomópálcikát is alkalmaznak.
A talpmasszázs beindítja a szervezet öngyógyító mechanizmusát.


This foot massage applies special oils and creams, from the soul through the calf, all the way up to the knees. The masseuses will utilize their hands a dedicated massage stick to perform this treatment. Foot massage is helpful in jump starting the body’s self-healing processes.


Rejuvenating oil body massage

We recommend this massage to those who prefer the traditional European-style massages. Apart from stimulating the acupressure points of the body, the muscles are also massaged during this treatment. If you suffer from any muscles pain, customized creams will be applied to the affected area.


Traditional Thai herbal massage


This is a very interesting, traditional Thai massage type. During the massage, small herbal pouches are applied. The pouches contain a blend of native Thai herbs and spices. The herbal pouches are heated over steam, thus the warmth and herbal ingredients help to stimulate circulation and relieve the muscles and joints. As the herbal pouches needs to be steamed before the session, please let us know that you choose this massage when making an appointment.!


NEW! Hot stone massage

During hot stone massage, a traditional oil massage is supplemented with the application of lava stones at a temperature of 40 to 60 degrees Celsius. Due to the high temperature of the lava stones, the essentials oils are better absorbed by the body. This treatment is based on specialized massage techniques that promotes stress relief, improved well-being and positive energies.