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About us

Ban Sabai is the only authentic Thai massage parlor in downtown Kecskemet. We welcome all guests who are in search of health and mental-physical rejuvenation.

Thai massage is originating in the Far-East and is known to be the most ancient, efficient and uniquely regenerating form of massage which is refreshing and destressing at the same time. This technique is fundamentally different from European massages, as it’s a “dry” massage, meaning that clients wear a special massage clothes and the massage takes place on a coconut mat. Thai masseuses not only use their hands and fingers for the treatment, but also their elbows, knees, legs etc. during the course of the massage to reach all stresspoints.

If the body is healthy, than the energies are flowing seamless in the body’s meridian, whilst this flow can be disrupted by injuries or stress. The massage can alleviate this by opening up the chakras, thus rebalancing the different elements of the body.

All treatments are carried out by experienced and certifies masseuses, in an authentic Thai environment. To ensure the most relaxing and pleasant massage environment, our parlor ensures a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, soothing music, candles and incense. At the end of the session, you are offered a cup of tea to complete the experience.

We can welcome three guests at one time slot, thus you can share the experience with your partner, friends or family.

Please note that Thai massage is a relaxing, rejuvenating experience, and not to be confused with any erotic content or service.

For further information and appointments, please contact us by telephone.