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Prices, offers

We accept payments by bank cards and Kecskemet card.

Traditional Thai body or oil massage

60mins / 11,000 HUF
90mins / 17,000 HUF
120mins / 20,000 HUF

Thai head and back massage

30mins /  7,000 HUF
60mins /  11,000 HUF


Thai herbal massage

60mins /  12,000 HUF
90mins / 18,000 HUF
120mins /  22,000 HUF


Hot stone massage

90mins /  18,000 HUF
120mins /  22,000 HUF


Membership card
5 sessions (60mins each) / 58,000 HUF + 1 free session
Membership cards are valid for six months and can be used for Traditional Thai massage, Oil massage. The card is transferable within family members.


Gift cards:
Prices are identical to the individual price of the chosen massage.

Gift cards are valid for three months from the date of purchase and are transferable.


We are contracted by the following private health insurance funds. Members of the following insurance funds can have the price of their massage reimbursed.

Patika, MKB, K&H, Premium.