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About us

The only traditional Thai massage parlour in Kecskemét, providing relaxing-regenerating services in the heart of the town.

Thai massage is the most ancient and efficient, unique anti-stress and relaxing far-Eastern technique, which is substantially different from its European counterparts. It is “dry” massage, when costumers wear special massage clothing and lying on coconut mats.

The massage sessions are provided by highly-qualified and experienced Thai masseuses, in an authentic environment.

If the body is in good health, then vitality circulates freely on the meridians. Stress and injuries can cause disturbances in this process. Thai massage can relief those energies, thus rebalancing the elements of the body. Thai massage has a vast array of techniques and practitioners use their hands, feet, legs, knees and elbows to free the tension held within the body.
Pleasant relaxation is guaranteed by peaceful atmosphere, friendly therapists and front desk, quite music, candles and incense.

We can accommodate two persons at one time slot, thus providing the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant, relaxing hour with your partner.

Finally, we offer you a cup of oriental tea to complete the massage session.

Thai massage is a refreshing, therapeutic technique, and does not involve any erotic content!

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